Tips for trans woman: How to be a good girlfriend?

As transgender women can be accepted by most of people, they are always looking for a boyfriend or life partner online. However, before find a life partner online, all transgender women should know how to be a good girlfriend. If you want to keep a long term relationship with your boyfriend, you can follow me to know more about how to be a good girlfriend. Here are some realistic tips for transgender women.

1. Respect his interests and give him space

Once in a love relationship, many women want to control everything about their partner. A healthy relationship is in which both sides are allowed to have their own space. You should spend more time together with your boyfriend, but it doesn’t mean staying with him every moments. He needs enough space for social contact. Both you and your boyfriend should have your own social circle. You are not the whole life of your boyfriend, he cannot be your whole life as well.

2. Don’t calling when he is not at home

This tip is the same as tip 1 in some degree. He needs to spend some times with his friends, so never keep calling when he is not at home. On the other hand, it shows you don’t trust him. You want to know what is he doing, who does he meeting? You want to know everything in his life. It is easy to annoy your boyfriend if you do like this. No one wants to be controlled by other people, even you are his girlfriend.

3. Don’t do something you don’t want

In order to cater their dating partners, many transgender women change themselves in an easy way. I want to tell all shemale women, never change yourself to someone you don’t like. People’s preferences are different, it is impossible to change yourself to meet all people’s tastes. You don’t need to date with someone who don’t like you, and you also don’t need to change yourself into someone they like.

4. Find common topics

If you want to join his social circle, you should find some common topics and interests with him. You should know about his life firstly, then it is possible to join his life. Find some common topics and interests is an important step to upgrade your relationship.

5. Tell him directly if he made any mistakes

If you don’t tell him when he made mistakes, he would never know that, and make same mistakes in the future. This might be difficult at the beginning of your relationship, the moment you start to do it, both you and your partner will be happier than ever before.

6. Love yourself

If you cannot love yourself, how can you love other people? As a transgender woman, you should always be happy and confident in your relationship. The more you love yourself, the better your relationship will be in the future. If you can love yourself and make your boyfriend happy when stay with you, your relationship can step into a new level.