There is something I want to tell transgender people’s parents

Accepting that your child is transgender is a really tough thing to do, right? It’s a very difficult road, I know. But now you have no choice. Either you choose to support your child or you choose not to support your child. Of course, if you make a different choice, you will face a different outcome. If you object to your child becoming a transgender, they are likely to commit suicide.

This is a really difficult decision for the parents of these transgender people. But now that it’s your turn to make some choices, there’s no turning back. I know that when you make a choice, you are surrounded by fear, but you have to understand that your children are adult, they have the right to make their own choices. Studies have shown that many transgender people commit suicide even when they get the support they want because what they really need is emotional healing and support.

Transgender women often have a much tougher life than you think. They need to face the prejudice against them from the outside world. This kind of psychological damage to a person is very great, and they need to forgive those who have hurt them. It is a test for them both physically and mentally. Once they give up, they are likely to do something stupid, such as take their own lives. Therefore, as the parents of these transgender people, you should understand and support them.

Supporting them means you respect and accept some of the decisions they make. Your transgender child will always want your approval. They become addicted to this approval because it makes them feel better, it doesn’t make them feel lonely. So what should you do as a transgender parent to respect your child?

Support and affirmation are not only reflected in a word, but also in a person’s behavior. You don’t just need to be positive about your transgender child’s pronoun, you also need to be positive about their transgender identity. So, you have to accept that your child’s gender is different from the gender they were born with. In terms of behavior; call your crossdressers names or pronouns of their choice, and buy them clothes or cosmetics of the opposite gender that they like. You can even, as mother, give your crossdresser child tips on how to look more like a girl. They’ll really appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.

Remember, your children are adults, and they have the right to decide what their lives will be like. Your job is not to interfere in their lives, but to give them themselves and let them make their own choices. Only then will you reach a balance in your relationship with your transgender child. Otherwise, it will cause you to give up your transgender child, which will make him a homeless person.

Now let them do what they really want to do. You have to allow them to use some of the ftm dating apps to find their own crossdresser dating partners, and allow them to have their own lifestyle, although it’s a little different than normal. Only then will you not lose your child.

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