Be a confident transgender woman

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How to know if it is a healthy ts dating?

As a transgender woman, I’m as imperfect as most people, but I never fell unhappy for who I am. When it comes to transgender dating, everyone has their own habit, and that is the difference of different people. However, how Read More

8 stupid things your date might do

Who hasn’t tossed and turned in bed the night before a big trans dating, trying to explain everything that could go wrong? Your normally reliable car might not start, you might get stuck in traffic, you might miss your dinner Read More

First dating tips for transgender women

1. Dress comfortable and confident Before meeting someone for the first time, we’ll prepare a lot, the same as transgender women. Wearing those clothes and shoes that make you look pretty and comfortable. It couldn’t be better if you can Read More

Tips for trans woman: How to be a good girlfriend?

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Topics that should be avoid on your first trans dating

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