Four Misunderstood Myths About Transgender People

The transgender community has long been the focus of debate, and attitudes toward transgender people are more about avoiding and frowning than speaking for them. Therefore, the transsexual issue will not disappear in a short time. It’s frustrating that some people who don’t know the meaning of the word transgender are running ahead of the opposition movement to transgender people. Much of this has to do with the myths surrounding transgender people. Generally speaking, transsexual is the general term for sexual orientation dysphoria. These people have a great conflict between psychological gender consciousness and the gender assigned at birth. And this article attempts to dispel some of the stubborn myths about transgender people.

Transgender are gay

The myth is so widespread that people who don’t know anything about transgender people assume that they are gay. The puritanical society has always stood on the moral high ground to label transgender people as gay. In fact, associating behaviour to gender can deepen misunderstandings about transgender people. However, there is a big difference between gender personality and sexual orientation. The former is the gender we see for ourselves, and the latter is the gender we are attracted to by romance. In other words, the one you want to be is your gender identity, and the person you want to sleep with is your sexual orientation.

Transgender are mentally disturbed

Although some people can’t accept their body gender, it doesn’t make them mentally disordered or demented. While transgender people are faced with struggles both in mental and physicala, it doesn’t drive them crazy. This myth comes from a general point of view. Generally, people should accept everything about themselves, including their gender. If someone violates this belief, he or she must be considered mentally disturbed. Some people think that people with gender identity disorder can be cured by treatment rather than gender reassignment surgery. As a matter of fact, treatment and medication have so far been unsuccessful in treating gender dysphoria.

Transgender women had their penis removed

This myth comes from the misogyny myth of patriarchy. In fact their penis was not cut. The myth has also spawned a prejudice that transgendered women sacrifice their masculinity to become women, thus making them inferior, which is not the case. Actually, during the operation the penis is divided into three parts and then reshaped into a virgin’s genitals.

Transgender women only like straight men

This myth is closely related to the myth that transgender people are gay. Some people think that trans women try their best to lure straight men, causing many transgender women to be abused by their partners. Because there partners thought the trans women are trapping them in a relationship. Some trans women have even lost their lives to this disgusting myth.