Why men like to date transgender women

Dating a transgender woman means nothing but one’s dating preference. Ts dating is anew type of dating for many people, but you may don’t know that there are more and more open-minded guys like to date transgender women. No matter Read More

Be a confident transgender woman

A a transgender woman, there are several things that you should always keep in mind, and the first thing is to be confident. Confident can make you have a trans dating. For all transgender women and normal women, confidence is Read More

8 stupid things your date might do

Who hasn’t tossed and turned in bed the night before a big trans dating, trying to explain everything that could go wrong? Your normally reliable car might not start, you might get stuck in traffic, you might miss your dinner Read More

Your Online Trans Dating Steps

Online dating is the most popular way of finding life partners now. It provides an easy way for all singles to meet their partners, trans singles are included. Trans dating is a new type of dating, it describes trans people Read More

Be confident if you are a trans woman

How to build self-confidence is a permanent topic for all trans women. Life is full of challenges for all trans people, especially trans women. They are afraid of being rejected or look down by other people, so many transgender women Read More

Rules of Dating a Trans Woman

1. Never ask their old name When date a transgender woman, people might be very curious about their past life, but it’s not a right topic to talk about in trans dating. Never ask questions like what’s your old name? Read More