Are you transgender and feeling uncomfortable?

Every human’s gender is already decided by birth. They are either male or female and grown up by the same identity. But what about transsexual and trans dating, they too grown up by the same identity that were given to them by birth but soon they start feeling that something isn’t quite right and they are not complete or feeling comfortable with the gender identity that they were given by birth. They start opposing their gender identity and their mind and body isn’t responding each other according to their gender identity.

There are many cases where the gender identity given by birth isn’t quite correct and they are forced to change themselves to opposite gender or sex. This is the common problem for every transgender that they are born with the body and genitals of one sex and soon they start believing that something is not right with their body and start behaving like an opposite sex or gender. According to this, they too wear the outfits of opposite sex.
In short, they feel incomplete because of the gender identity that was given to them by birth and they start losing their confidence to face other people. There are many cases where we can see that transgender people goes under depression and lost his/her life due to this. They definitely need help from others and start believing themselves.

In many big countries like USA, UK there is help centers for these people. We can say them as transsexual / transgender help / support centers. But only few of them are aware to these help centers due to lack of promotions or marketing.

Not many Transgender people are connected with these support centers. But after the internet start accelerating its areas, transgender community gets a new life and identity. They come in contact with other transgender and start sharing their views with helping each other by asking and solving their problems and issues they are facing in their daily life.

Many Transgender / transsexual events are being organized by transgender community that certainly helps other Transgender to connect with other Transgender residing in other part of the country or world. Apart from these live events, Transgender communities creates their own online help centers where any Transgender can log in and ask questions about any issues that he/she is facing. They can chat and also connect with other Transgender via these online supports or online help center portals and can also share their stories in web and get a chance to hear other Transgender stories and their experiences after turned into a transgender.

It is fact that Transgender are being discriminated and hated by other community but it’s time to change our mentality and thinking. Being a Transgender, it is always difficult to express yourself to other that already made his/her judgment against you.

It is believed that, it is easy to see and judge anyone, especially a transgender dating but hard to understand what exactly a Transgender or Transsexual is.